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Ameet Bakhai

Cardiologist & Research Director
Royal Free London Foundation Trust

Dr Ameet Bakhai is founder of Amore Health consultancy and a cardiologist and research director at the Royal Free London Foundation Trust. He is a unique, renowned, cardiologist and research lead, on the front line, who manages complex cardiac patients with an inspiring passion and track record for improving healthcare through constant innovations providing access to cutting edge clinical trials, novel diagnostics, drugs, devices, digital technologies or recruiting them to international registries. As a “positive health hacker” he works with commissioners on value of medicines and technologies, pharma partners on designing and evaluating therapies and digital companies on integrating with treatment pathways and undertaking predictive analytics to focus on precision prevention. His economic, clinical trials and analytical skills led to his Digital Health London moonshot on Heart health and debate on Artificial Intelligence in medicine and his Medical Futures talks with the How To academy recently sharing a vision of the next 30 years in health care and his recent national clinical research award from the Royal College of Physicians. His vision is that front line clinical work provides the real cutting edge of where all of these skills make a difference to patient care, patient safety and patient empowerment and He believes that the future of healthcare is collaborative work of clinicians, medtech, psychologists, strategists, pharma, programing engineers, patient navigators, public health experts and many other groups harnessed by digital technologies but that he early years of disruption must be navigated with care and deliberate attention to minimising systems errors.